About HPA.

Why HPA?

There are many unforeseen barriers and hidden costs in developing and maintaining your RPA initiative. From hiring and retaining experienced RPA personnel to change management and governance, a mature automation program is a significant corporate investment for the life of the program. For many of our clients, prior to HPA, their in-house RPA initiative was yet another priority competing for time and resources that could be better invested in core business objectives and serving  customers. 

HPA was founded in 2008 with the mission to make RPA easier and more accessible. As we know and many analyst reports have found, more companies fail at RPA than succeed. There are plenty of vendors that will sell you licenses or expensive consulting services, but they fall short by not taking ownership in helping you be successful with RPA. That is the key differentiator of HPA. When you're stuck with a problem you can't solve, we will develop a solution for it. When robots break, and they break often, we carry the responsibility of fixing them quickly. When applications are updated, we re-engineer and regression test your robots to ensure downtime is minimized. When new opportunities for automation arise, our team consults with you to determine the best path forward. We are always looking for new ways to innovate and better serve our clients so that your RPA program truly meets the needs of your business and produces the ROI you expect.

Document & Validate

Our automation specialists work with your team to understand your biggest pain points and guide you through selecting and prioritizing processes to be automated. With every process selected for automation, we walk through it with your subject matter expert to thoroughly document the process within Capture, HPA's proprietary process documentation technology. The resulting robot requirements documentation is validated with test data to ensure all steps of the process have been accurately documented.

Configure & Test

With your audit and approval of the robot requirements validation results, your robot is ready for development. Our highly-skilled automation engineers translate the documentation into robotic code. Once configuration is complete, the robot goes through several rounds of rigorous testing, ensuring that the robot is properly executing on all the steps in the process and delivering the results you expect to see.

Deploy & Monitor

Once your robot has successfully passed testing and been approved by you, the robot is deployed to your live environment. Your new digital employee gets right to work processing tasks with speed and precision, under the watchful eyes of the Robotic Command Center and our Automation Operations team. At the end of every day, you receive an outcomes report that outlines what the robots did that day. Audit logs are also produced for every robot run that details every step executed by the robot, the data source used, and environmental stats.

Maintain & Scale

As robots break, business processes evolve, or applications are updated, we handle the change management of your digital workforce to minimize downtime and guarantee continued delivery of successful outcomes. Over time, our team will guide you in evaluating and prioritizing the right processes so that your program continues to deliver value to your business.