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with RPA-as-a-Service

Health plans know the value of automation, but with competing priorities and constrained IT resources many RPA initiatives are not delivering the expected value. In-house RPA programs also pull focus away from what matters most—delivering quality service to members and providers.

With RPA-as-a-Service, health plans can accelerate RPA initiatives to drive operational efficiency and expand capacity while keeping costs in check. HPA's deep expertise in healthcare automation and proven RPA Center of Excellence reduces the risk and total cost of ownership associated with RPA. HPA has demonstrated success automating processes across claims, enrollment, provider maintenance and more. HPA robots span the technology solution set, including Cognizant’s line of TriZetto Healthcare Products—Facets®, QNXT™, QicLink™, commercial and proprietary claims management systems, as well as third-party applications like McKesson CCMS and VITAL, CMS PC Pricers, ITS, Blue2, MedHOK, Micro-Dyn DRG and APC, and Medi-Cal sites.

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Increase care, not costs

Manual intervention wastes time, money, and exposes claims to human error. Optimize costs and maximize the value of services delivered to members with automation.

Powerful robots, empowered people

Burdensome processes like adjustments, COB, manual pricing, PCP and fee schedule updates are tedious and pull employees away from more valuable tasks.

Always available, instantly scalable

Robots can process work 24/7 and instantly scale to any volume of work so payers can increase capacity, improve regulatory compliance, and take on new lines of business.

Take greater control of your RPA initiative with TriZetto RPA

TriZetto Robotic Process Automation — Powered by HPA is the industry's first intelligent core automation offering that gives Facets and QNXT users exclusive access to a pre-built robot marketplace and service portal to accelerate implementation, drive greater ROI, and increase auto-adjudication. Robots can be fully-customized to your specific processes or system configuration, offering easy integration with all versions of Facets and QNXT. The marketplace is populated with robots spanning Claims, Enrollment, Provider Maintenance, and more.

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Simplifying Texas Medicaid Claims

The nature of Texas Medicaid claims prompted eight health plans to seek out robotic process automation to comply with the ever-evolving state and federal requirements while also ensuring their Medicaid business is secure. See how these payers leveraged HPA’s process automation services to dramatically increase claims processing throughput without adding significant human resources. Learn how to simplify Medicaid processing with HPA.

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robotic process automation services for Texas Children's Health Plan
RPA as a Service case study CareOregon

Client Spotlight: CareOregon

For CareOregon, who serves over 375,000 members, controlling costs, improving operational efficiencies, and reducing waste are top priorities. Read this Client Spotlight to learn what this health plan has implemented to achieve over $1.6 million in cost savings and more than 65,000 manual hours offset by automation since their first process went live in November 2016.

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Client Spotlight: Kern Health

For Kern Health Systems (KHS), RPA was just what the health plan needed to keep up with rapid growth, both in claims volume and member services. Together, the KHS and HPA teams developed a world-class automation program to provide top-notch service to members and providers, resulting in 55% total cost savings, 14,500 manual processing hours saved, and a 70% increase in auto-adjudication. Read more about Kern's success.

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robotic process automation services for Texas Children's Health Plan
RPA as a Service case study Community Health Choice

Client Spotlight: Community Health Choice

Community Health Choice leveraged intelligent automation solutions to increase efficiencies and cut costs, realizing $4.15 million in labor savings and an overall 69% cost savings since 2016, helping the plan better serve its 400,000+ members.

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Controlling costs, improving operational efficiencies, and reducing waste in the health care system is better for everyone, and a top priority for CareOregon. Our partnership with HPA enables us to apply more resources and focus towards fulfilling our mission to promote equitable healthcare for individuals and our communities.Amy Dowd, Chief Operating Office, CareOregon

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