Streamline Mortgage Processes
with RPA-as-a-Service

HPA's RPA-as-a-Service model enables lenders of any size to increase capacity and throughput while keeping costs under control. HPA's mortgage automation Center of Excellence brings over 30 years of mortgage industry experience to guide lenders in building scalable automation solutions that deliver on operational and savings goals. HPA automates origination and servicing tasks across the systems you use every day, such as Encompass® by Ellie Mae ®, Assurant®, Mortgage Cadence, Finastra, Optimal Blue®, LoanSphere®, LendingQB®, CoreLogic®, Fiserv® in addition to document custody and third-party portals.

Learn how our lenders are using HPA to move more loans, lower costs, and reduce days to close.

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Improve Borrower Experience

Process loans instantly and with greater accuracy to deliver lending decisions to borrowers more quickly.

Streamline Operations

Leverage RPA to turn loans in a fraction of the time, regardless of volume, while also reducing overhead costs significantly.

Instant Scalability

Adapt quickly to market changes and evolving business needs with our scalable, always-on robotic process automation services.

Testimonial: Wyndham Capital Mortgage

Learn how Wyndham Capital Mortgage leveraged HPA's robotic process automation services to eliminate manual intervention in their mortgage approval processes and achieve the flexibility to scale up or down while also reducing overhead.

As a result of automating with HPA, Wyndham reduced their average loan closing time by 20 days, increased borrower confidence with an on-time closing guarantee, and fulfillment costs that are 33% below industry average.

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HPA's Automation in Action

Encompass by Ellie Mae is the leading loan origination system on the market today, powering more than 40% of residential lending transactions in the United States. As a strategic Ellie Mae partner, HPA has ample experience automating loan processes for Encompass users, as demonstrated in this video. Learn more about our partnership.

Automating Advance Claims

Robotic workers can be trained to mimic the steps filers take to submit 571 claims, eliminating filing errors, as well as capacity restrictions for servicers. Robots have the ability to file claims at Foreclosure, SS, Deed-in-Lieu (DIL), Mod, Paid in Full (PIF), and Reinstatement without human intervention. Robots can also file claims on active foreclosure accounts to reduce the overall advance balance, which frees up cash and further saves on carry cost.

Advance Claims Automation Overview
HPA has deep expertise automating mortgage technologies. As a certified partner of Ellie Mae®, we are committed to supporting their mission to accelerate lenders’ operational productivity and innovation, reduce lenders’ security and risk management, and streamline overall user experience to achieve a true digital mortgage.

Discover the automation possibilities in your business today.

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