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HPA continues to invest in innovation with new plug-and-play pre-built solutions called Cognizant® HPA Quick Automate. These process-specific tools move data and documents via API to and from your LOS to other external systems such as MERS (the Mortgage Electronic Registration System) and various investor websites. The family of solutions is a quick, low-cost offering for mortgage lenders looking to automate post-closing processes and reap immediate value.

Quick Automate is powered by Cognizant® HPA Investor Link, a bidirectional automation solution that posts information from multiple investor platforms to the LOS, aggregating access to most major investor systems so lenders only have to log in to one place to both source and update all information to complete any loan sale to any investor.

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Accelerate Loan Cycle

Leverage automation to accelerate the loan cycle and increase borrower satisfaction.

Bidirectional Automation

Query and pull information from the LOS to investor platforms and back again with high frequency and complete accuracy.

Direct Integration

HPA is a preferred Encompass® partner and is a part of the ICE Mortgage Technology™ Partner Network with direct integration to Encompass and other industry-leading LOS systems.

One Log-In

Lenders log in to one environment and do not have to sign on to multiple investor websites and sftp’s.

Eliminate Costly Errors

Eliminate errors due to manual data entry for a smoother month-end reconciliation for accounting and reduced discrepancies in the event of an audit.

Flexible Hosting

Host on-premise or with HPA, with no client hardware required.

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Quick Automate for Investor Stipulations

Investor Stipulations

Have the most up-to-date investor stipulations at your post-closing team's fingertips as frequently as needed to ensure loans are accurately priced while reducing data entry errors.

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Purchase Advices

Access purchase advices from any investor platform and automate the retrieval and posting of data and documents via API to your LOS.

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Quick Automate for purchase advices
Quick Automate for MERS

MERS Registration & Transfer

Automate the upload of critical loan information into the MERS system to remove lag time for funding that could delay the sale of a loan and negatively impact the servicer relationship.

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HPA is partnered with ICE Mortgage Technology to support their mission to accelerate lenders’ operational productivity and innovation, reduce lenders’ security and risk management, and streamline overall user experience to achieve a true digital mortgage.
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