TriZetto Robotic Process Automation
Powered by HPA

TriZetto Robotic Process Automation – Powered by HPA (TriZetto RPA) is the first of its kind offering that gives TriZetto® users greater flexibility and control of their automation initiative. TriZetto RPA provides a fully-integrated marketplace of pre-built, customizable healthcare robots to accelerate implementation, increase automation quality, and facilitate product upgrades. TriZetto RPA users can access and control their account with a powerful service portal to manage price quotes, tickets, and robot analytics.

Backed by HPA’s proven RPA Center of Excellence, clients can maximize ROI, reduce total cost ownership, and eliminate the risk associated with building RPA in-house. The HPA and TriZetto teams are fully-interlocked to deliver a seamless automation delivery experience.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Facets or QNXT and complements other modular add-ons
  • Streamlines implementation with a powerful marketplace of pre-built healthcare robots
  • Improves durability through core upgrades and increases robot uptime
  • Drives an additional 7%-15% auto-adjudication and 65% average cost savings
TriZetto RPA Robot Marketplace and Service Portal

Seamless Integration   The TriZetto RPA solution enables seamless integration with TriZetto products, as well as exclusive access to the Robot Marketplace and Service Portal. The marketplace is accessible from directly within Facets or QNXT. Simply select your robots, then head to the Service Portal to review and approve price quotes, manage service tickets, or view robot analytics. Don't see the robot you're looking for? Custom robots are available, too.

Quick Implementation   TriZetto RPA’s Robot Marketplace is populated with robots who automate common payer processes across Claims, Enrollment, Provider Maintenance, and more. These pre-built robots contain all the core steps in a process, but can easily be customized to a your specific process or system configuration. Robots are designed to integrate with all versions of Facets and QNXT to enable easier upgrades and reduce automation downtime.

TriZetto suite of healthcare products

Unified Experience   TriZetto RPA seamlessly integrates with Facets and QNXT, and complements other modular add-ons. The TriZetto RPA offering is designed to complement or enhance existing automation capabilities within the TriZetto product suite. This offering is well-suited for health plans with processes of greater complexity, specific business requirements, or custom system configurations.

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